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Keywork Portfolio Edition

  • Red cloth folio, including 12  archival pigment prints by Chris Hoaresigned and limited to an edition of 6 plus 2 APs
  • Chris Hoare - Keywork, published by Besides Press
  • Currently priced at £1600

After more than a decade of photographing his native city of Bristol, Chris Hoare reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic with a new series of images about the city during lockdown. Continuing his job as a bicycle courier, delivering food each day on Bristol’s deserted streets throughout the national lockdown in 2020, he began photographing with a point and shoot camera from his bike.

Being a keyworker himself offered Hoare a unique perspective from which to photograph the city, as he visited the houses of customers from a diverse range of economic backgrounds each shift. In between his deliveries, Hoare encountered and photographed other lone figures carrying out their jobs on the empty streets and in supermarket car parks. Bristol’s long standing struggle with homelessness is another key theme of the work. While out delivering, Hoare became aware that besides Keyworkers, the only people he saw in the streets were those without a home to isolate in.

In spontaneously observed moments, Hoare describes life during lockdown in a UK city, touching upon themes of community, homelessness, and the stratification of wealth in the city of Bristol, the blossoming of spring, and the role of key workers throughout the time.

Printed by Bread and Butter Studio
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm
Graphic Design by Tom Booth Woodger
Production by Bristol Bound
KEYWORK the book, published by Besides Press


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Keywork Portfolio Edition
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