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Nosey Parker

RRB Platform

Sale price£75.00

RRB Photobooks, October 2022
Softcover, laser-cut blue card
24 x 26 cm
72 pages
First Edition of 600 copies, including a Special Edition of 50 copies
Introduction by Martin Parr
ISBN: 9781739702304

First Edition £32 | Special Edition £75
Armley Moor, Leeds, June 2021
Signed and Limited 10x8" Giclée print by Photographique Bristol

RRB Photobooks is proud to launch Platform, a new publishing project supporting emerging voices in British Documentary Photography. The project draws on the photographic legacy of RRB's existing catalogue to take part in writing the documentary tradition of the future.

The inaugural Platform title, Hannah Platt's Nosey Parker, will launch at BOP Bristol. Book signing details will be announced shortly.

In Nosey Parker, Hannah Platt revisits Peter Mitchell's Leeds and surrounding cities five decades after he first picked up a camera. Platt works with a quickness and wry humour where Mitchell is contemplative; drawn to bright colour, graphic lines and typographic treasures.

This series celebrates the everyday. Fleeting beauty, bold type, golden sunrises, and stand-out shop fronts wink to the charm and wit of a very British land. In every nook and cranny, photographer Hannah Platt captures the mundanity of our lives with an appreciation for the people and places, of Leeds and beyond, that showcase their unsupervised humour - which is perfect for a Nosey Parker.

This playful approach is reflected in Platt's design work. A strong colour story, laser cut details and a hidden final image engage the viewer and encourage interaction with the book as object as well as photographic narrative. 

The book includes a foreword by Martin Parr, whose work on Peter Mitchell's title Strangely Familiar focussed the world's lens on the city of Leeds, inspiring the tradition Platt's work seeks to continue.

A Special Edition of 50 copies with signed and limited 10x8" print is produced in collaboration with Photographique, Bristol.

Hannah Platt is a Leeds based documentary photographer. Her self-published works have found a dedicated fanbase, with her 2020 title 'Out of Order' selling out two editions.