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Self-Published, 17th July 2024
Hardcover, red cloth
29.7 x 21.5 cm
100 pages
First Edition
With words by Robin Muir, former Picture Editor of Vogue
Due for dispatch from 22nd July


Pursuit! explores the subculture of legal trail hunting across the UK and Ireland through atmospheric and emotive photographs, beautifully presented in this hardbound, linen covered photobook.

With words by Robin Muir, former Picture Editor of Vogue.

Georgina’s inside perspective offers a unique and intimate insight into a rural way of life, that despite facing increasing political pressure, remains resilient. Shot over a ten year period with no holds barred access, this book offers an authentic and genuine depiction of hunting, stepping away from stereotypical photojournalism. It is an appreciation of a complex tapestry of tradition, idiosyncrasies, and characters.

The nuances of any subculture are fascinating to explore, but the historical, political, and social connotations attached to trail hunting (formerly foxhunting, adapted after the Hunting Act of 2005) in Britain make it an extraordinary practice to document in the 21st century.