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Her Own (signed)

Self-Publisher Spotlight

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Self Published, 2022
Flexi-cover, Red embossed velvet cloth
15.5 x 23.5 cm
128 pages
First Edition of 670
signed by Dragana Jurišić
ISBN: 9781838038564


HER OWN “documents Jurisic’s attempt to trace the story of her aunt Gordana, a glamorous figure who left rural Yugoslavia in the 1950s and whose subsequent experiences involving false identities and espionage remain mysterious. Jurisic presents her careful, fruitful research in a series of illustrated notebooks that recall WG Sebald’s approach to memoir, history and reflection." (5* review of My Own Exhibition in The Irish Times by Aidan Dunne)

HER OWN weaves together the life stories of three women: the artist’s aunt Gordana, her own and that of L'Inconnue de la Seine – three women, their fates and mind reflections, traumatic and resilience and survival instinct resonating. Alongside them, emerges right before our eyes what is most common still up to this day: the fictionalisation, victimisation and subsequent margninilisation & annihilation of women within the grand and minor historical narrative.

HER OWN attempts the literal somatisation of the wound and at the same time the recovery of a woman and her own right to tell her story. Next to her, the viewer/reader is confronted with an infinite crowd of identities and life stories relegated to the status of the ungraspable/uncanny/unknown, a convenient pretext to have them deprived from their fundamental rights and to whip them off from the face of the earth. (Natasha Christia, January 2023)