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The Gamblers

Sale price£40.00

RRB Photobooks, April 2018
Hardcover, green cloth
21.6 x 28 cm
104 pages
First Edition including Special Edition of 50 copies

ISBN: 9781999727529

First Edition £40 | Special Edition £125
Martin Amis - The Gamblers (Signed)
10x8" Signed and Limited pigment print

The Gamblers has been a long running project for Martin Amis, who has made pictures of racegoers over a number of years. RRB were delighted to finally bring this work to the public in book form in 2018.

Martin Amis’ photobook The Gamblers is the culmination of his long-term project photographing at racecourses across the South of England. The Gamblers is an affectionate portrait of the racing crowd, a well-informed tribe of racing enthusiasts, from a quirky mix of class and social backgrounds, who come together to find the next winner. Martin immersed himself in the racing crowds, camera at the ready, often betting himself as he sought his next subject. Despite covering so many races over more than a decade with a variety of cameras and shooting strategies, Martin has skillfully collected his images into a single story. Filled with moments of gentle humour, The Gamblers will take you from highs to lows, through moments of tension to the frenetic and jubilant energy of the holding the winning slip. “One of my fondest childhood memories is my regular trips to the races with my father. I loved to watch the horses race, but I loved even more to watch the motley cast of characters betting on them. The stench of beer and tobacco would fill the air, bookmakers’ chants of the latest odds cut through the gamblers lively conversations as I helped my father place his bets. I loved every moment and continued to gamble and enjoy horseracing into my adult life. As a photographer, it was a very obvious subject to focus my camera lens upon. - Martin Amis