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Take A Seat

Self-Publisher Spotlight

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5.3 x 8.8 cm
Classic 54 playing card deck
54 photos
Superior smooth gloss lamination
Silver gilt-edge
Cover design inspired by the city's local hero Pasquale De Stefano, who independently sign-writes for every market stall across Naples.

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In her latest documentary series, Hannah Platt invites you to Take a Seat (with) - a unique deck of playing cards that showcases 54 chairs, found and photographed in Naples, Spring 2022. Platt's comedic fixation on finding the character of those who inhabit a place, in their absence is presented through this eclectic collection. 

This project is for playing with, but first, Take a Seat.

‘Take a Seat’ is a joyful extension of my previous work, yet this time, it is an amusing, colourful deck of cards. If you’ve ever been to Naples, you’ll know about its charged energy - it’s loud, chaotic, and fast-paced. Yet, around every corner I turned, I found an empty chair waiting to be used or, in my case - photographed, I loved how important it seemed to have a place to rest, sit and share. Something that resonates with me, and why I felt so certain the project had to be something to encourage that.”